When creating an interface and/or abstract class is an overkill

This is a small tip containing my thoughts on why we should not blindly create interfaces and/or abstract class for each and every class in our application. These are more of thoughts and some people may not agree with my school of thought but the idea here is to share my opinion with others so that others can share their thoughts and I/we will get to learn from them. Continue reading

Understanding Retry Pattern with Exponential back-off and Circuit Breaker Pattern

In this article we will discuss the importance of retry pattern and how to implement it effectively in our applications. We will also discuss how exponential backoff and circuit breaker pattern can be used along with retry pattern. This is more of a theoretical article since the actual implementation of retry will depend a lot on the application needs. Continue reading

An Absolute Beginner’s Tutorial on Understanding and Implementing Singleton Pattern in C#

This article is yet another explanation and implementation of singleton pattern. We will look at what is singleton pattern is and how to implement it in C#. This is no way the best and recommended way of implementing singleton pattern in C#. the main idea for this article is just to present the concept of singleton pattern to the reader. Continue reading

An Absolute Beginner’s Tutorial for Understanding and Implementing Strategy Pattern in C#

The aim of this article is to understand the basics of the Strategy pattern and try to see when it can be useful and have a rudimentary implementation for better understanding. This is no way to implement the strategy pattern in real world applications and the example taken is also far from real. The idea of this this article is to illustrate the concept of strategy pattern only. Continue reading

CodeProject MVP 2016

cp-mvp-imageIt was just another Sunday morning for me. I woke up late, picked up my phone and started checking all the emails I received. And here it was, A mail from Mr. Chris Maunders titled “Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2016”. I have been awarded CodeProject MVP for the fourth time in a row. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2016 now. This is perhaps the best email I keep finding in my inbox every new year since last 4 years. Continue reading

Your App needs filtered data – Use ODATA

It is more than a common scenario that our apps(be it mobile apps or web apps) are backed by a service. These services are often RESTful these days as the benefits and flexibility of REST in undeniable. But its more than often that I see these services that are being written for consumption from the apps tend to have the endpoints exposed as per client app requirements. Continue reading