Codeproject MVP 2013

I just received a mail from Codeproject that I have been awarded as Codeproject MVP for 2013. I am so happy today. This is the first time I am being recognized as MVP but again this was the first time I realized that I should spend some time helping others along with learning and studying. I am feeling very proud on this achievement. I consider this award as a big motivation to keep learning new technologies and best practices in future. I will most definitely work harder to increase my knowledge, understanding and keep helping others in the community.

2012 has been a very good year for me. I landed in an awesome job where I get to work end to end using ASP.NET/C# and SQLServer. I learned a lot of new technologies and best practices and I inculcated the habit of studying daily. I am constantly putting best possible code and best practices in all my projects. I found how exhilarating it is to help other on Codeproject. I am looking forward to learning, working and helping other in 2013 too.

On a closing note, I am a learner and will always be. So with time my skills will get better and in future I will be putting more quality contents and be able to help in much better way on Codeproject.