How to Solve Image Refresh problem associated with Image control in ASP.NET

This is a small tip on how to solve the Image refresh problem of Image control in ASP.NET


Mamy a times, I have observed that

  1. (PREREQUISITE) I have an Image control on my page
  2. (STEP)I am uploading an image to be displayed on that control using Fileupload control.
  3. (STEP)I upload an image and it get displayed in Image control.
  4. (STEP)If I upload another image (no post-back in between and after a very short file)
  5. (PROBLEM) many times the new image file get uploaded on the server but the image control could not show the new Image.

Using the code

The problem seems to occur when I am saving the uploaded image in some
predefined file name. So first time the Image control recognized that
the file is new. the next time since the file-name is same but actually
the image is different the Image control chooses not to refresh itself
as it keep thinking that the same file is getting attached to it again.
(Perhaps this is some optimization mechanism inside).

To avoid such problem in the scenario, i tried to cheat the image control every time I upload a new image file. I attach a dummy query string parameter with the image URL which makes the Image control reconsider and shows the new Image instead.

Since this is one scenario I found this problem there could be other scenarios too so I made a habit of using the image control in following manner.

imgphoto.ImageUrl = path + "?time="+ DateTime.Now.ToString(); 


This ensures that the Image control always displays the latest uploaded image and there will never be a scenario when the file saved on server is different from the image that is being displayed.

Points of Interest

I still am curious about why this happened in the first place. What I could make out of it is that it is some sort of optimization mechanism that is preventing unnecessary calls when then Image control’s attached file path and newly supplied file path is same. Perhaps some gurus can confirm.