CodeProject MVP 2015

And it happened again. A joyous moment of the year. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2015. Its a great feeling that comes to me this time of the year with this “CodeProject MVP” email and it stays with me for complete year. It keeps me motivated to learn and share. This award is a big motivation for me to keep learning, keep work hard and keep helping others in the community. 2014 has been like a “Clear Backlog” year for me. I am now back in the game(career-wise). I have started learning new things more from software architecture perspective(which I believe I suck at). I have also taken up writing assignments i.e. I am working on a book which might hit the stores soon(A little nervous how it will be received by the community).

So far its been a good year and I believe I have a great year ahead. And as I keep saying to myself and others – I am an eternal learner.

P.S. It seems a few of my friends and study group partners are getting jobs at Microsoft. Perhaps a food for thought for me to plan 2015. Lets see what future has in store for me.