CodeProject MVP 2016

cp-mvp-imageIt was just another Sunday morning for me. I woke up late, picked up my phone and started checking all the emails I received. And here it was, A mail from Mr. Chris Maunders titled “Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2016”. I have been awarded CodeProject MVP for the fourth time in a row. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2016 now. This is perhaps the best email I keep finding in my inbox every new year since last 4 years.

Being a CodeProject MVP brings a great feeling to me at the start of the year and this feeling stays with me for complete year. CodeProject is changing professional lives of not only who visit it and read stuff there but also for those who contributes. I am a living example of how I came back from a professional abyss of a career and now slowly beginning to stand back on my feet. And I give 90% of the credit to CodeProject because it kept me motivated to learn and share. And when we keep learning, growth is bound to happen.

2015 for me was a year of hectic schedules, deadlines and a lot of learning. No matter how many deadlines I had to meet, I never let that effect my daily study schedule. Unfortunately it did effect my contributions a little and my contributions in past few months are much lesser than before but I am determined to change that.

2016 is going to be the year of learning, sharing and growth. I am going to approach my daily studies, community contributions and my work with a renewed energy and much more efforts. Thanks to CodeProject, Microsoft and the awesome developer community for giving me the much needed push from time to time. Its been a good year and I am hoping to have a great year ahead.

P.S. If you know there was a small “P.S.” related to “Food for thought” in my last year’s blog. I think I am moving closer to achieving that. If things go right, I might have a new professional beginning this year. For Now, I am just hoping for the best.