CodeProject MVP 2017

And the week began with a the much awaited email titled “Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2017”. So I have received the CodeProject PMO London award this year too which is fifth time in a row for me now. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2017 and it feels really good and proud.

Being a CodeProject MVP brings a great feeling and just to reiterate, I believe, CodeProject is changing professional lives of many developers on a daily basis. I love this community because it kept me motivated to learn and share.

2016 was a year of change for me. I changed city, I changed state, I changed my job. My new job gives me comparatively less time to get involved in community contributions but I am trying my best to keep at it. The plan for 2017 is to dive much deeper into design and architecture and for that I am going to approach my daily studies with a new rigour. I also want to get myself more acquainted with some people and project management knowledge and acquire some executive assistant skills as its one area I have been somewhat neglecting for last 12 years and its the right time to learn these skills.

From a personal goal front, I have a habit of being very disciplined about my studies and work and I want to put the same discipline in my personal life too to improve my health. So Health is going to be at par for me this year as far as 2017 goals are concerned.