CodeProject MVP 2019

“Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2019” – seeing this email made my day. The first thought that popped in my head was “I am back”. Since I couldn’t get MVP award last year, it really means a lot to be able to secure one this year. Its my sixth CodeProject MVP award and 7th MVP award so far. Feels really good and for me it is something to be really proud of. Continue reading

CodeProject MVP 2016

cp-mvp-imageIt was just another Sunday morning for me. I woke up late, picked up my phone and started checking all the emails I received. And here it was, A mail from Mr. Chris Maunders titled “Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2016”. I have been awarded CodeProject MVP for the fourth time in a row. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2016 now. This is perhaps the best email I keep finding in my inbox every new year since last 4 years. Continue reading

Microsoft MVP 2015

download01 July 2015, I get an email from Microsoft that I have been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award. This does mean a lot to me as I have always wanted to become Microsoft MVP and now I am one. I would like to thank Microsoft for recognizing the efforts and awarding with me with this prestigious award(which I believe is the highest recognition anyone working with Microsoft Technologies can get).

What is next for me – Keep learning, keep sharing, keep working and keep moving ahead. Wish me luck guys.

Mastering Entity Framework – My first book

Mastering Entity FrameworkAs some of you might already know that I have been working on a book from last 6 months. Yesterday the book has been released by the Packt Publishing. It has been a great and exhilarating experience for me. Packt publishing has been of great help and they provide all the things a writer could get in terms of support and feedback. I will perhaps post a detailed experience about my writing stint in a later blog. This blog is mainly to introduce the readers to the book. Here are a few details about the book. Continue reading

CodeProject MVP 2015

And it happened again. A joyous moment of the year. I am now a CodeProject MVP for 2015. Its a great feeling that comes to me this time of the year with this “CodeProject MVP” email and it stays with me for complete year. It keeps me motivated to learn and share. This award is a big motivation for me to keep learning, keep work hard and keep helping others in the community. 2014 has been like a “Clear Backlog” year for me. I am now back in the game(career-wise). I have started learning new things more from software architecture perspective(which I believe I suck at). I have also taken up writing assignments i.e. I am working on a book which might hit the stores soon(A little nervous how it will be received by the community).

So far its been a good year and I believe I have a great year ahead. And as I keep saying to myself and others – I am an eternal learner.

P.S. It seems a few of my friends and study group partners are getting jobs at Microsoft. Perhaps a food for thought for me to plan 2015. Lets see what future has in store for me.

CodeProject MVP 2014

Today, I came to office and found this mail sitting in my mailbox “Congratulations! CodeProject MVP 2014‏”. Reading the subject only made my day. It was a great feeling to see that I have been awarded CodeProject MVP 2014. This is the second time I am getting this honor and I have to say that I am proud of it. CodeProject taught me the importance of helping others and the value of continuous learning and studying. This award is a big motivation for me to keep learning, keep work hard and keep helping others in the community.

2013 has been like a rectification year for me. I had made some bad professional choices in the past and after a struggle of 4 long years, in 2013, I am able to get back in the game. I had to switch my job due to some personal reasons but I still miss my old workplace and all my friends and colleagues. I learned new technologies, best practices and I am still finding some time to study everyday. I am looking forward to the future full of learning, working, helping other and CodeProject-ing.

I am a learner and will always be and I believe in “Try not. Do… or do not”

Codeproject MVP 2013

I just received a mail from Codeproject that I have been awarded as Codeproject MVP for 2013. I am so happy today. This is the first time I am being recognized as MVP but again this was the first time I realized that I should spend some time helping others along with learning and studying. I am feeling very proud on this achievement. I consider this award as a big motivation to keep learning new technologies and best practices in future. I will most definitely work harder to increase my knowledge, understanding and keep helping others in the community.

2012 has been a very good year for me. I landed in an awesome job where I get to work end to end using ASP.NET/C# and SQLServer. I learned a lot of new technologies and best practices and I inculcated the habit of studying daily. I am constantly putting best possible code and best practices in all my projects. I found how exhilarating it is to help other on Codeproject. I am looking forward to learning, working and helping other in 2013 too.

On a closing note, I am a learner and will always be. So with time my skills will get better and in future I will be putting more quality contents and be able to help in much better way on Codeproject.