A Beginner’s Tutorial on Implementing IEnumerable Interface and Understanding yield Keyword

In this article we will discuss about the IEnumerable interface. We will discuss how IEnumerableinterface facilitate the use of foreachstatement to iterate through a set of data. We will then look how to implement our own collections that implement IEnumerableinterface. The use of yield keyword and Enumerating generic collections will also be discussed in this article. Continue reading

MusicDrawer: A Simple Music player using WMP SDK

This application is a C# application capable of playing audio files using WMP SDK. The idea here is to use the bare minimum playback functionalities from WMP SDK and create our own business logic and UI on top of that. Although it seems like an overkill since the WMP SDK provides facilities for playlist management and controlling the playback, doing everything by ourselves gives us more control and more learning (the most important aspect of this exercise). Continue reading