Your App needs filtered data – Use ODATA

It is more than a common scenario that our apps(be it mobile apps or web apps) are backed by a service. These services are often RESTful these days as the benefits and flexibility of REST in undeniable. But its more than often that I see these services that are being written for consumption from the apps tend to have the endpoints exposed as per client app requirements. Continue reading

Microsoft MVP 2015

download01 July 2015, I get an email from Microsoft that I have been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award. This does mean a lot to me as I have always wanted to become Microsoft MVP and now I am one. I would like to thank Microsoft for recognizing the efforts and awarding with me with this prestigious award(which I believe is the highest recognition anyone working with Microsoft Technologies can get).

What is next for me – Keep learning, keep sharing, keep working and keep moving ahead. Wish me luck guys.

Angular Tutorial – Part 2: Understanding Modules and Controllers

In this article we will try to understand and implement modules and controller in Angular.js. We will start with angular module and see why and how it is useful. We will then define a simple angular module for a test application. Next we will look at the concept of controllers in angular and try to implement a simple controller to understand the concepts. We will also look at the JavaScript design pattern called IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) as it is a very useful pattern to avoid globals when creating angular applications. Continue reading

Mastering Entity Framework – My first book

Mastering Entity FrameworkAs some of you might already know that I have been working on a book from last 6 months. Yesterday the book has been released by the Packt Publishing. It has been a great and exhilarating experience for me. Packt publishing has been of great help and they provide all the things a writer could get in terms of support and feedback. I will perhaps post a detailed experience about my writing stint in a later blog. This blog is mainly to introduce the readers to the book. Here are a few details about the book. Continue reading